Let me tell you a bit about me….

I’m from Aberdeen, so most of my work is based around the North East.  Really it’s possible to work with anyone, anywhere, but I do like to meet clients face to face and get to know them more that way – I’m just a bit old fashioned like that!

I studied Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University, so I’ve got the tech ‘know-how’.  I then went on to do Teacher Training at the University of Edinburgh and taught ICT in Edinburgh and London for more than ten years – so I’m well practised in teaching & training, and can show you how to update your website without you requiring any knowledge whatsoever!  I then took a a change in career and became Head of Marketing at an Independent School, and did the Chartered Institute of Marketing Certificate in E-Marketing course (that’s electronic marketing) so I have a good background knowledge in the concepts required for making websites that achieve a goal – and not just ones that look pretty (although that’s important too!)

Recently, I’ve had two little girls so that’s kept me busy – and now I’m branching out myself, hoping I can create beautiful and functional websites, while having time for my family too!

But that’s enough about me…

What about you?

Now you know all about me – I’d love to get to know you better!

Please get in touch if you think we could work well together – it costs nothing to meet up and explore the possibilities…

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